Windows 10 21H1: Microsoft add new HDD/SSD drive health warnings

Microsoft continues to push ahead with Windows 10 21H1, having just finalised Windows 10 20H2. The company has now released Insider Preview Build 20241, which it announced via a blog post. The new build is available to download for Windows Insiders now.

Windows 10 21H1 now supports theme-matched splash screens, meaning an end to the blue splash screens that many programs use. In practice, this means that the splash screens will either be white or black, depending on the theme that you have chosen. Third-party developers must enable this feature though, so it will not necessarily work for every program when Microsoft releases Windows 10 21H1 next year.

Insider Preview Build 20241 marks the beginning of Microsoft adding more information about available drives within the Settings app, too. Eventually, Windows 10 will support an ‘Advanced View’, among other additions, but this will be enabled in a subsequent build. Windows 10 21H1 also includes drive health, which is useful if you have an older HDD or SSD. Additionally, Windows 10 will send a notification if your drive stars behaving erratically, which will advise you to make a backup as soon as possible.

Microsoft has added a ‘Meet Now’ option to the taskbar and start menu too, which triggers a video chat without having to download any additional software. The feature runs via Skype, but it can launch within a browser should you not have Skype installed.

The latest Insider Preview Build also includes dozens of bug fixes, which Microsoft has outlined in its blog post. Microsoft has already revealed many of the major changes with Windows 10 2H21 too, as we reported earlier this year.

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