Tiger Lake-U Xe G7 80EUs

The Intel Xe Graphics G7 80EUs (Tiger-Lake U GPU with 80 EUs) is a integrated graphics card in the mid range Tiger-Lake U CPUs (15 – 28 Watt, e.g. Core i5 11th Gen CPUs). It is using the new Xe architecture (Gen12) and should be announced later in 2020.

The performance depends on the TDP settings of the laptop and the used cooling. First informations show that the chip can be configured at 15 and 28 Watt TDP default (as the Ice Lake-U chips) and the performance should be around a dedicated GeForce MX330 in 3DMark benchmarks. For gaming we are expecting a bit worse performance due to the missing dedicated graphics memory and driver support. Compared to the older Iris Plus G4 in Ice Lake chips, the Tiger Lake GPU should be nearly twice as fast.

Therefore, the iGPU is still only for lowest graphical settings and low resolutions in demanding games.

The Tiger Lake SoCs and therefore the integrated GPU are manufactured in the modern 10nm+ (10nm Superfin) process (improved 10nm process) at Intel and therefore should offer a very good efficiency.

Tiger Lake-U Xe G7 80EUs (GPU-Z)
Tiger Lake Xe Gen. 11 Ice Lake
Manufacturer Intel
Tiger Lake Xe Gen. 11 Ice Lake Series
Iris Xe G7 96EUs 96 @ 400 – 1350 (Boost) MHz
Tiger Lake-U Xe G7 80EUs 80 @ 400 – 1250 MHz
UHD Graphics Xe G4 48EUs 48 @ 400 – 1250 MHz
Codename Tiger Lake Xe
Architecture Gen. 11 Ice Lake
Pipelines 80 – unified
Core Speed 400 – 1250 (Boost) MHz
Shared Memory yes
DirectX DirectX 12_1
technology 10 nm
Features QuickSync

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