Curious what the PS5 kit box hides? Here are the contents of the kit

PS5 box on fresh photos, let’s see what we find inside ..

Some of the editorial offices have already received the equipment for testing and decided to show off their purchase on new photos. The box looks aesthetically and on its surface there are, Play like never before.


When opening the carton, inside you will find:

PlayStation 5 platform

– pad

– console stand

– cables: HDMI, USB and power cable

– instruction

– Astro’s Playroom (game is pre-installed)

Transferring data from the PS4 console to the next should be simple and intuitive. The box contains all the necessary information on how to smoothly go through the process. Thanks to this, you will transfer information: about trophies, profile and information about your virtual friends.

We would like to remind you that the premiere of the latest Sony platform was scheduled for November 19. Do you have a pre-order or are you planning to buy the equipment when its price drops and more games are released?

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