Comparison of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X – Test Devil May Cry 5

Digital Foundry to prepare Devil May Cry 5 SE game launched on new consoles. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which shows that both sides have their advantages.

The basic game mode offers native 4K and 60-90 frames per second, though there are some drops. The difference between the platforms is not that big, but the Series X is in the lead.

In turn, in the High Frame-Rate Mode during the game in many areas, the Sony console has a significant advantage. Offering, for example – 115fps versus 80fps on the xbox series x in the same excerpt.

Capcom has prepared two modes for ray tracing. In RT Performance display mode, Xbox turns out to be better again – by an average of 10 frames per second.

In turn, in ray tracing mode, but focusing primarily on quality, none of the consoles reaches 60 FPS. It is in this mode that the differences between the platforms are the least noticeable.

Digital Foundry also draws attention to the problematic aspect of the PS5, i.e. the inability to select the refresh rate at 60Hz from the console system. In the case of DMC 5, designed for 120Hz, the game does not offer any other option on screens that support this value – as a result, the binding is rendered only in FullHD.

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