China has announced that it will take revenge on Sweden for 5G

A cooling down of relations between China and Sweden is planned. On Tuesday, the Swedish government announced that the use of equipment from Chinese companies, namely companies such as Huawei and ZTE and their suppliers, will be prohibited in building new 5G network masts in this country. In addition, by 2025, Sweden is to “get rid” of all equipment that is already used in existing 5G infrastructure masts.

Zhao Lijian, the head of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has already announced that Swedish companies will have difficulties operating in China. Moreover, trade relations are going to deteriorate on many levels. Not only telecommunications, but also many products of the economy, such as import. One of the companies that can lose the most from this is … Swedish Ericsson.

“Sweden should adopt an objective and honest attitude and correct its wrong decision in order to avoid negative impacts on economic cooperation. And also trade cooperation between China and Sweden and the activities of Swedish companies in China.” – quote from Zhao Lijian

It is worth remembering that the Ericsson concern recently signed a contract for the supply of 18 percent. 5G base stations for China Unicom and China Telecom operators. And judging from China’s reaction, it is possible that the contract will expire and the place of the enterprise will simply be taken over by another corporation from a country that accepts China’s development policy.

The situation concerns the prohibition of the use of Huawei and ZTE technologies in the construction of 5G in Sweden. More information on this here.

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